Sharpfleece Plain Edit

A stretch of grassland populated by Orcs and bloodthirsty sheep. Most of the Orcs have their encampments along the shorelines, although there are Orcs who roam the actual grassland with their flocks. Most groups are led by a dominant male, although it's not unheard of for there to be a dominant female instead. While the dominant Orcs are territorial, it's rare that the conflict between groups evolve into serious injury and death. However, if a non-Orc individual intrudes on their territory, all bets are off. If the threat is big enough, different groups of Orcs will band together to thoroughly squash them.

There are tales of an elf that appeared in the Plains and attacked a flock of sheep. Since then, the clans have been on edge around any elven-blooded individual who passes through.

Still developing, slowly.

Ep 66 at 22:10-28:00ish is when the Sheep Painting (tm) comes into play

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