The Knot Edit

The Knot is the capital city of the Wispy Willows. Like the rest of the forest, its residents include members of the Fae. Unlike the rest of the forest, though, it is a lot more modern. Stone and marble buildings and other structures are everywhere. In the exact middle of the city is King Samuel's palace.

Notable NPC - King Samuel Edit

King Samuel is the leader of the Wispy Willows Fae forest. He is a skinny, gray skinned, young High Elf that stands at about six feet tall. At first glance it would seem like he is loved by his subjects and a happy-go-lucky man, but if you are perceptive enough, you would notice that it is all just an act.

The King rose to power by killing all of the people who were before him in line for the crown, and then killing his aunt, the late Queen Lillia. The inhabitants of the city pretend not to know that this happened, but it is public knowledge and the people secretly hate the King's guts.

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