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The City of Pirates[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]


Note Worthy NPCs[edit | edit source]

Wortham 'The Wrath' Cromwell:

Note Worthy Locations[edit | edit source]

The Buccaneers Brew house and Cannons: One of the largest taverns in the world and also the arena for the weekly "king's gambit".A game that decides the "pirate king" of Freeport. This building was the very first building under construction when the town was founded and many believe to be as important or even more important than the pirate kings Manor, better known as the "shack". Like the name suggests, the brew house does produce alcohol, mainly for the tavern, but also ships to neighboring countries, the very few trade items that this town of pirates does practice outside of piracy. The one oddity to this tavern is that it is also a cannon maker for the ships of Freeport. Due to this many drunken sailors will devise games that involve with cannons. One being to see would drink the most grog while it is being fired out of the cannon. Many times it just once due to the force of the cannon fire knocking out the pirate attempting to take the challenge

Captain's Quarters:

General Quarters:

The Plank:

Special Events[edit | edit source]

The Kings Gambit: The Kings Gambit is a drinking contest held at the Buccaneers Brew House and Cannons Tavern between the current Pirate King and a challenger that happens once a month. Many times the pirate that wins the previous match will lose to the next pirate thus Freeport has gone through many Pirate Kings and the next one does not usually keeps the promises of the previous king.

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