The Deep Black Edit

Stretching nearly from Shimmering Relief to Halorin's Curse, the Deep Black is a huge wetland area that stretches from [name of gulf to south] to [name of sea to north]. Bryce's Landing sits on a relatively dry areas on the southern edge of The Deep Black. This area owes name from the difficulties that are encountered while traveling through it. Many a wagon wheel has been bogged down in the soft black soil that is found throughout the area. Although trails through the Deep exist, none are passable year round, and some areas are barely passable at any time. Experienced teamsters know to plan for the possibility that they will only make one mile of progress in a day. These folk often repeat the joke that they thought they found a nice hat sitting in the middle of the trail, only to discover upon picking it up that is was just their good friend trying to drive a team of mules the other way.

The Swamp People Edit

The Black Trail Edit

The main way through the Deep Black is the Black Trail. In very dry weather it is quite passable by carts, wagons, and on foot, but much of the time it is very difficult terrain that should only be attempted on foot. In the area of Bryce's Landing, the Black Trail intersects The King's Road. For miles in either direction from this intersection, a series of outposts has been established on the Black Trail. Spaced roughly every two miles, these rest tops vary widely in format and quality. Some are simply a wooden platform raised above swamp level that allow a traveler to spend the night in relatively dry conditions, while others are fully staffed taverns and inns where a hot meal and warm bed can be had.

The Stone House Edit

The most famous rest stop on the Black Trail is the Stone House. Nearly every traveler on the trail stops at the Stone House, regardless of how favorable the weather is or how much light is left in the day. It is an imposing two story stone structure with a large dining room, raucous bar, and kitchens on the first floor and rooms for rent on the second. Unfortunately, the house is slowly sinking into the Deep Black, and has been for generations. For this reason, the Stone House has several basements and sub basements. When the original first floor sank too low to be of use, the original owners tore off the roof and constructed a third story. This practice has been repeated over the years. At this point the vast majority of the structure is below ground level, although most of these underground levels are abandoned and forgotten.

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