History Edit

Halorin's Curse is the site of the once great city Harrowhelm. Now all that remains is scarred and cratered land with derelict suburbs frequented by bandits and weary travelers.

Harrowhelm thrived with diversity. Home to the skilled, the philosophical, and the arcane. Harrowhelm stood prosperous with many other towns in the region for centuries.

Ruled by the Trogah bloodline, the town championed peace and had a flourishing economy. With skilled craftsman and well educated philosophers Harrowhelm drew many who sought education and purpose.

The Legend Edit

The origin of the cataclysmic event that turned Harrowhelm into a cratered waste has been up for debate for many years. However popular legend states that a Half-Elf sorcerer, Halorin the Unbound, lost control over his powers when the town came under siege by an unknown force. Halorin brought rains of fire and stone which pummeled the city for several hours. The few that survived found little solace in what remained of the city and fled. The fate of Halorin remained unknown but some variations of the tale say Halorin watches over those who travel the lands near Harrowhelm, protecting them from harm in an attempt to atone for his failures.

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