Gaza’s Rise

Appearance Edit

Gaza’s Rise is a towering plateau neatly bisected by a river, the plateau is uniform and riddled with narrow canyons that seem maze-like and nonsensical. If one manages to follow the right path it leads to a powerful hamadryad, nestled protectively between the bank of the river and the stone walls of the canyon.

Creation Edit

The legend of the hamadryad was initially spread by a farmer who happened upon the hamadryad, and had a lucky crop soon after. The story quickly morphed into the hamadryad being able to grant wishes, leading to a increase of pilgrimages from people of all sorts. Hamadryads are a solitary sort, and the increase of foot traffic and people demanding favors beyond her power, put on a drain on her health and she fell sick. A collection of druids stepped in and after months of rituals, returned her to her former health, but the people didn’t stop coming, and she soon fell ill again. The druids searched for a long term solution, and decided the simplest way would be to ensure her solitude. They spent many more months shifting the earth and sculpting the surrounding mountains and river into the towering, labyrinthine plateau. The legend of the hamadryad still circulates in nearby towns, but its widely accepted as nothing but a fairy tale.

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