The Krifuss Peaks Mine Edit

The Krifuss Peaks Mine was one of the first mine shafts that the Dwarves had laid claim to. After digging not that deep into the mountain side, the Dwarves learned the hard way that nature had other ideas in store for them. Their food supplies were being ruined by insects that seemed to be from another plane, creatures would attack the mining camp at random hours. But being as resilient and strong headed as they are, the Dwarves dug in even more. Under the lead of the brave warrior, Fobreas Coinjaw, they fortified themselves against the attacks and withstood the challenges. Weeks after their successful battle, all the crew of Coinjaw Mining Company were not heard from again. When the Dwarves started to rally together for an investigation, they had received a note from Fobreas himself saying 'The Gods do not live here. Stay away.'

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