Vance Edit

Vance is a town built on the northern river.

Relations with other towns Edit

Vance tends to stay neutral in its actions. People tend to dislike Vance for not siding with them politically. Trade tends to come through often and for the most part the people are happy.

Biggest threats Edit

Vance's people are severely afraid disease and famine making them strive to be the cleanest town. Outsiders tend to have to be cleaned before entering the town and sometimes denied entry.

Important NPC's Edit

a high elf woman named Ren Liara who is minister of clean who oversees the how neat the town is.

Also the local tavern keep is a goblin named Nieles Arcadon who is very greedy and owns The Smart Bull tavern.

His competitor and brother is another goblin named Mado Arcadon who is nicer and more generous than his brother but owns the much smaller Empty Cup tavern. Nieles constantly pays people to attack The Empty Cup and also pays the guards to look away and even attack the tavern.

The head guard is a human man named Elres Don who is devoted to keeping the town safe but is constantly worried about corruption that he cant stop.

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