Pilgrimage Woods Edit

The Pilgrimage Woods are located near the coast. Consisting of mainly coniferous evergreen trees, with some deciduous species appearing in the coastal area, the Pilgrimage Woods are so-called because of the role they played in the lives of the nomadic Troi people prior to the settlement of the area. A fresh water river flows through the northeastern portion of the forest.

Ecology Edit

The Pilgrimage Woods are home to a vast variety of plant and animal species. Food is easily found in the area, with an abundance of edible berries and plants. The main predators of the Pilgrimage Woods are the snakes, bears, panthers, and owlbears that roam the forest, feeding on deer, rabbits, squirrels, pheasants, boars, and weasels, among other small-to-medium beasts. Faerie dragons, although extremely rare, have also been observed in the woods.

The Pilgrimage Woods is also home to a number of sentient plants, including at least five treants and a plethora of awakened trees and shrubs.The treants are the guardians of the forest and are fiercely protective of its resources. While they don't generally object to humanoids hunting, gathering and logging in moderation, they will show no mercy to those they deem careless or excessive in their use of the woods. It is a custom of the La Troienne people to plant a tree for every one they cut down - a practice that has led to an amicable relationship between the town and the forest's caretakers.

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