Republic of T'eumar Edit

A small city located near the mountains (#38 area). The peoples of this city revere magical creatures and spend a great amount of time taming and working with creatures of the sort. The founder of the city, Heris Berkus T'eumar was a renowned griffon knight, and the people revere the griffon as a chosen beast because of this. Sadly the last griffon in the area died some time a go, and the people mourn it's loss greatly. The do have a promising group of wyvern riders called "Night Witch's" (they must be voiced with a russian accent) that guard the town. Edit

Current Leader: Umara Vont T'eumar, the leader of the Night Witch's. Stern and reliable until she gets even a whiff of alcohol, and then no promises are made. In a relationship with the head of the Tamer's Association. Female Fighter/Wizard

Touman Linkes: The head of the Tamer's Association, that works to try to tame any magical or mystical creature they can find (note that they can handle wyverns, but other creatures may not be so easy). Currently in a relationship with Umara. Fascinated by creatures of all sizes (think Steve Irwin) and magical origin. Has ties with magical creature black market.

Physical Description: Large towers on the walls that house the Night Witch's Wyverns, with a wall. The palace is small, but the University of Magical Beasts is rather large, as well as the Tamer's Association as well. Exports: Main business is raising and taming magical creatures, so ranching and livestock, fantasitcally speaking anyway. Byproducts of certain creatures, Wyvern Hide armor, Talon knives, etc.

Imports: They import quite a lot of food for their creatures and themselves, as well as alcohol for Umara.

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