Brief Description

From a birds eye view the canopy of this forest appears like any other forest, but from within the leafy overgrowth from above obscures all light from entering. Travelers are not without hope though, because within these wood grows a luminous blue fungus giving an eerie glow to the place. All manner of strange flora and fauna grow in this almost alien like lush landscape. The fungus itself creates enough light to be a source of photosynthesis for new plant types to thrive. Don't get too comfortable though, these plants can be dangerous to those who choose to deviate from well established paths, which tend to overgrow quickly if not maintained. The weather above the canopy is treacherous as well. With a constant rain and winds feeding the lush forest any attempt to fly over the forest is most likely met with a disastrous end

Denizens Edit

Long ago elves from the now ruined empire of Kel’tarath migrated to this forest, seeking a dark location where they could still maintain themselves as elves without being corrupted into drow. The elves found solace here and because of the light given off by the fungus they still maintained, at least at face value, their natural elvish state. These elves are highly protective of the forest and do not take lightly to people delving too deep into their home. In order to maintain the forest and not be over run And conquered the elves have made a deal with both Cin Amon and Ebreosea To allow a caravan trail through the forest, with the caveat that travelers do not step off the path.

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