Marisport Overview Edit

(City 47) Marisport sits in between the sea an a small lake. It has a diverse crowd of races living off of the fishing of the sea, and the grain of the land. Currently facing economic hardship due to a shortage of fish exports, many of the cities populous has moved away leaving abandoned shops and homes scattered amongst struggling businesses and residencies.

History Edit

Marisport was originally founded by human travelers searching for an improved way of life. Once settled, the city became a key port town for trading. In recent times a large invasive predator was introduced into the sea near Marisport, resulting in much less bountiful returns from fishing expeditions to the sea. Bounty from the lake has not decreased, which is how many citizens sustain themselves.

Culture & Religion Edit

While part of Marisport's sea life culture remains, much has been traded for crime life due to a strain on exports and the lack money to increase imports. It is now common for crime to go unnoticed due to the residence acclimation towards it. those holding on the sea life of the past fiercely despise those who have given in to crime life. Much of the populous believes sea and fishing related gods have abandoned them

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