Claimed for Tabletop adventures

The Silvered Strings Tavern Edit

The Silvered Strings Tavern was built in a clearing claimed by the nearby fey forest by Homer and Hilda. The tavern became a hot bed for adventurers as danger encroached from all sides.

They made a peace treaty with Amerynth, the leader of the seely fae.

The Dragon Attack Edit

Faindry the ancient red dragon burned the tavern to ash and killed Homer inside. The adventurers were able to save the rest of the people and the buildings (except the roof of the art gallery).

The Blooming Onion Tavern Edit

After the destruction of the tavern, the adventurers rebuilt a new tavern under the instruction of Sandro the tortle. A nilbog named Neil had claimed the Silvered Strings Tavern few days before the destruction so he started bringing out more goblins from his hat. There were over 200 goblins taking over the town and then sent into the fey forest. The fae got angry and so there was a gobbocide.

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