The Great Chain Edit

This is the location of a huge granite stone a quarter of a mile high that would be the dominating feature of the landscape were it not for the colossal iron wrought chain that attaches to the stone and stretches farther into the sky than the eye can see. Many scholars and theologians have tried to discern the nature or purpose of the chain but there is no current consensus. Some of the more popular theories are that it is what the world is hanging off the chain from some invisible object or that the chain was placed by the gods to remind the people of the prison that is mortal existence.

The True Nature of The Great Chain. Edit

The Great Chain is actually an orbital tether, like a space elevator but with no climber. It is designed by the first mortal races as a prison for the elder god Iakthioxhilbh the patient. The chain stretches far into space, with a great cage containing Iakthioxhilbh halfway along the chain. The rest of the chain acts as counter weight to keep the chain vertical. Iakthioxhilbh waits patiently in it's prison since it knows the stars and the cosmos and knows that it only has to wait 11205 years 51 days 3 hours 1 minute and 44 seconds before a comet collides with the upper half of the chain causing the rest of the chain and the cage to fall back down to the world below.

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