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The Obsidian Sphere Edit

The Obsidian is the Castle of House Olivier. The Castle is made of a dense black stone that glistens in the light and a single looming 300 meter tall black tower in the center. Large wooden gates with black iron covered in arcane runes leads in the the garden and up to the main entrance. The Windows are barred as if to keep something out... or someone in....

House Olivier Edit

What was once a proud Noble family is now almost forgot. Generations ago they fought the monsters of this world by studying the dark arts that made these monster. They used the knowledge and power that came with it to fight off the evils of the night until the common people and churches began calling them the monsters for practicing the dark arts they did. The people turned their backs on House Olivier so the family turned there backs on the people. Now decades later, House Olivier is a fragment of what it once was and almost completely forgot about. Though the few who still remember can see how the world has changed since the family closed its doors. more and more monster roam freely with few who know how to stop them.

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