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This odd gnomish city doesn't seem so large at first glance. From the surface it appears as a small humble village consisting of a town hall, a bank, a general store, an inn and an enormous fairgrounds. Though it appears humble at first glance it is more than meets the eye. Below the surface lies a sprawling city of modern steam and gear technology. This city is the backbone of agriculture for the realm. the gnomes pride themselves in creating the finest farmlands and farm technology possible, and are in a constant struggle with eachother to make new devices to make better producing farms. Below the surface the gnomes can asses the root structure of the farmlands above and tend to all the needs the plants could possibly have, and more. Above the surface is sprawling fields of lush greenery, all manner of foods from pumpkins to grain to experimental crops so dense its almost impossible to cross. The gnomes keep to themselves, and do not get involved in the politics of the outside world. They are capable of this due to the fact that they only keep the crops they need and feed as much of the realm as possible, free of charge, to be left alone. as an example the biggest gnome altercation that has occurred in the last year when two fine young gnomes got into fisticuffs about who was going to take Mary Sue Blitzcrank to the town fair dance. they farm what they need and leave the rest at drop points on the outskirts of town, after that they don't care what happens to it as long as they are left alone by outside forces. even if they were invaded anyone trying to claim the farmlands for themselves wouldn't know how to operate the technology to keep the farms going (you try adjusting the rotary girder on the forced air root thing-a-majiger, its not as easy as it looks). Though everything seems so quaint and nice, is this humble town really the wonderful place it seems?

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