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The Crystal Castle of King Morgoth[edit | edit source]

It is said that the now ruined castle of King Morgoth could be seen for miles. However, to this day an impressively imposing spire still stands. The land surrounding the castle is uninhabitable, the siege that saw the end of Morgoth's rein left the land devastated, the ground is hard as stone and black as ash.

The frost giant king commissioned the finest craftsman in the land to construct a fortress like no one had seen before, the lower portions were covered with a gleaming silver and polished to a brilliant shine, but the truly iconic feature was the castles central spire constructed out of ice. The king was a fair and gracious king, allowing for all races to enter his town freely.

Nearly 200 years after the fall of the frost giant stronghold, the castle exterior and surrounding lands have been stripped of all precious metals and anything worth value that could be hauled off and sold. The spire still stands, not quite as tall as it once was, but the ice spire still stands resolute.

The Township and Castle[edit | edit source]

The town that grew up around the castle is now under the control of a small group of thieves and pirates, that make their living robbing travelers that venture to close and merchants bound for Thistlepot Junction to the east. These bandits are lead by a man named Kordo Gervon, he was kicked out of the royal navy for insubordination and being too intimate with a farm animal.

The castle, however, is undisturbed beyond the entryway being destroyed. No one who has entered has ever left...

Note-worthy NPCs

Kordo Gervon - Human Fighter

Gervais Longwood - Etheral Avenger

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