Ragnaro Mountain Range Edit

The mountain range is home to 5 rival Goliath Viking Tribes. The mountain range holds many lakes and rivers that provide channels to the sea. Goliaths have become skilled ship makers and use the canals to venture out of the mountains and into the sea to conquer new lands. For centuries, the 5 clans have been at war with one another. The Viking Wars have been over for 12 years, held back by the 5 tribes uneasy truce. The peace is held by the prophecy that the Son of Odin, Thor will return to the world to restore the Vikings rightful place in the world. Each tribe has sent a champion into the world to find Odin's Prodigal Son.

The Tribe of the Knights of the Night Raven has sent out who they believe is the reincarnation of Borramir, Father of Odin, to find Thor.

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