This land mass is home to a hearty people of sea trade and raiding (Viking like culture) they would raid the main land and abduct people for sacrifice to there gods svalter god of war and bloodshed ancar god of the sea and pyate goddess of harvest and childbirth

They are a fair people who respect strength and gold but do not think them simple they can out talk most men

Village name: svalterheim

Lore Edit

The Bunrit (Bun-writ) Archipelago is a series of islands that are home to a plethora of colorful birds and insects. The number of larger creatures like deer or wolves are relegated to the main island. these tropical landscapes are seemingly untouched by civilization save for a small bee keeper camp on the south end of the large island owned by the city of Shimmering Releif (see 10-shimmering relief for details). Once connected eons ago to the mainland by a land bridge, it has since become its own entity. The land here is beautiful but inhospitable to live in with the dense brush and carnivorous plants that are contained on the main island. In this wild area there are plenty of large trees that produce fruit, and orchids that grow upon those trees producing vanilla and other beautiful flowers, Many great things grow here culinary if you can manage past the dangers of the jungle. other than the bugs and disease possibility the carnivorous plants are the most unassuming and dangerous type of being on the islands. Venus fly traps and pitcher plants sized up to be able to capture medium creatures such as humans or deer, the tiny bugs are actualy safe from these menaces due to the effort to gain ratio.

Grawr: This creature is a feral dire wolf, but is for all intents and purposes sentient, able to read and speak, would write too but he has thumb problems. He also has access to wild magic equivalent to a 7th level druid. He wants however to be off the island to the mainland, but also wishes for the scourge of civilization to be wiped from the face of the planet.

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