Halls of Dresdane Edit

Central to the haphazardly arranged city, an ancient wooden longhouse sits. It is here the majority of governmental regulation and decision making occur. Through the ages the people of Dresdane have come and gathered at this long house, those of the balmy terrain to the west, the boggy terrain to the east, the forests to the south, and the seafarers to the east. They gathered at this long house as their leaders came together, prominent women and men of wisdom, of courage, of strength. The ancient surrounding peoples began to commune here and settle their disputes. It started in ancient times where the leaders of different tribes would come, drink, and be merry to settle differences, make alliances, wage wars of the mind rather than risk bloodshed.

But then outlanders from the sea came, taking men, women, children, and livestock. A generation was subject to the onslaught and they felt the harsh weight of hunger set in as Dresdane began to quail under this pressure. It was then that Samu came to power. There are mixed reports about Samu, some say a man, others a woman, that was gifted with truest strength, truest wisdom, and truest courage rallied the peoples, the farmers, the seafares, the mudslinging brick makers and broke the outlanders on the shoals north of Dresdane. However, in this battle she was slain, but her people saved her heart, carving it from her body in the feral fashion of their land and pierced it to the central table of the longhouse. It never aged, it never whithered, the muscle still looks wet, but does not bleed. It is said those that stand in the presence of this heart are calmed, are truthful, are gifted with insight into the outcome of their actions and words in its presence.

Prominent NPC's Edit

Samu - Hermaphrodite, not of the lands of Dresdane, but an another outlander from the north.

Smiley - Serial killer at large. Likes to carve a smile on children's faces Goodfellow Hoozits - Physician who spent a little too much time studying apocrypha. 1800's medical mentality, 'You got demons in your blood, have some whiskey.'

Mother Abigail - Patron of the poor of Dresdane, runs a food kitchen that serves the meek and mighty alike and helps travelers on their way through the city.

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