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Fenris Hollow

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A small copse of pines nestled among the mountain side, long forgotten by most. Obscured from view, and overlooked by those unknowing, a cave is hidden. The cave is protected by a pack of dire wolves, and inside the cave is a number of skills challenges. Beyond a sealed door lies the tomb of Fenris. Protected by a Werewolf Wizard and a Shield Guardian. The final resting place of the Champion of Fenris is trapped with a magical glyph that will bestow a curse. The contents of the tomb are, minimal gold, jewelry, and other offerings to Fenris. The Wizard Werewolf has a plus 1 Wand and Studded leather armor. The champion of Fenris' body has tarnished ceremonial armor, a Short sword +1, and the Mantle of Fenris.

The mantle is a legendary item, offering a plus 2 to AC can be worn over armor, and counts as unarmored, if not worn with armor. You gain advantage on animal handling checks with those of the lupine persuasion, and advantage on survival checks involving smell. Additionally as an action, you gain the ability to shift into a dire wolf once per day, resetting at dawn.

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