The Citadel of Amin Edit

The small collection of aged stone structures presumed to be the once-homes of whatever civilization dwelled here circle a massive tower that stands with peerless height above the treetops. Though the outer walls have begun to give way to the wear and tear of time the tower continues to proudly stand straight in the sky, it's twin attics allow the light of the sun and moon to pass through to greet each other simultaneously every night, and during the day it eerily casts two shadows in opposing directions that come to meet at midday.

Within this tower in the center of a citadel in ruins, one can see for many miles in every direction.

History Edit

Of Judgement Edit

A great king once came to this place and offered himself to the gods for judgment, wishing for all his deeds to be given judgment impartial. Though he was a beloved ruler and seen as just, his accumulated deeds weighed heavy on his heart. In all his years of life he had seen so much war, caused so many lives to be destroyed in order to protect those he swore to defend and those whom he held dearest to his heart. He had taken more lives than he could count, indirectly or otherwise, and wanted some sort of peace for his soul.

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