In centuries past, the Keep of the Duergar’s Drumming was a crucial component in the protection of The Straight of [Name of ancient ruler of nearby city]. The land and titles for the holdfast were given [long time] ago by [Name of another ruler of nearby city], the [titled ruler] of [City Name - link] to [a good good name goes here], one of [ruler]’s most trusted advisors.

The Keep’s name comes from the omnipresent, great booming that wells up from deep underground along this area of the coast. The sound, so remeniscent of the enormous war drums often employed by denizens of the Underdark, led to folktales in the region telling of a secret entrance that led to a great Duergar city lying somewhere in the surrounding countryside. However, the explorations of the great adventurer [Adventurer] led to the discovery of caverns in the cliffs overlooking the straight, and the pummeling of the waves into these natural formations was in fact the origin of the famous drumming.

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