99 - Cursed Peak Edit

A solitary mountain surrounded by perpetual clouds and a dying forest atop rolling hills. Edit

Legends Edit

Some say that there is the sarcophagus of a long forgotten Dread Knight on the upper peak of this mountain. Legends say that the area was cursed when they entombed him; that fiends guard the passes and that all living things that come close begin to decay. Lore speaks of a great curse that keeps the storm clouds near so that none may see his burial grounds. The myths talk about his followers and that their bodies still roam the mountainside - doing his bidding long after death.

Inhabitants Edit

Adventurers that get too close to the mountain find themselves accosted by the undead that roam the nearby hills. Those foolish few that are strong enough to encroach upon the mountain's paths find a variety of fiends that have been tethered to this plane. None have ever succeeded in reaching the pinnacle of the mountain.

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