Turtleton ( Edit

Turtleton, jokingly called Turtletown on occasion, is a town primarily owned by Clan Turtleton. Clan Turtleton is a clan of turtlefolk that specialize in designing wagons, and have the corner on the market of magical speedy wagons. The clan dream is to one day design a wagon so fast, no one can make fun of their slow speed. Everyone is welcome in Turtleton, but bards are especially welcome because driving wagons is slow progress and music makes everything better.

The Hare and the Rabbit Race Edit

Annual wagon race, where contenders can design their own magically powered wagon and race against other competitors. Contenders can use magic or brawn to knock out their opponents and the last team on the track or one to cross the finish line first. (inspired by Mad Max: Fury Road and turtles)

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